Alexa Miguel

Zumba Fitness® Instructor

I am excited to share this passion with others, leading a lively, energy-filled class that will leave participants feeling confident, fulfilled, and most importantly, sweaty.

I recently became a Zumba Fitness® Instructor after 10+ years of being a devotee. I have a passion for fitness and performing, and Zumba is a perfect combination of both. I enjoy choreographing to various styles of music and genres. 

Raised in a Portuguese community, I was introduced to dancing at a very young age. I started dancing recreationally at 3 years old and acted in my first theater production at 8. I continued with dance and theater for the next 10 years until starting college at Suffolk University in Boston, where I prioritized getting involved with the community, both at the school and throughout the city. Over the past few years, fitness has become increasingly important to me, incorporating running, strength training, and a variety of group classes into my lifestyle. I became a Zumba instructor to combine my passions of performing, fitness, and community involvement to make each class more than a workout.

While I enjoy getting a sweat on, I enjoy Zumba for reasons beyond the workout. I believe Zumba is one of the best ways to take time out of your busy schedule and celebrate yourself, giving you the confidence you need to get through the rest of the day, week, or year. I encourage my students to leave all stress at the door and enjoy their time with the music.

I begin my class with a warm-up and end every class with a stretch, ensuring that your body will receive all the love it deserves and setting you up for an efficient and safe workout. Whether you’re at the beginner level of Just Dance or J-Lo, I promise there is something for everyone and can’t wait to see you in class!

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“Alexa was an AMAZING instructor! Super upbeat and encouraging! She also incorporated a variety of different dance styles into the class so it was never boring. Highly recommend her and the class is great for all levels.”

– ClassPass user

“Alexa is the sweetest person ever! She is very welcoming and has a great personality. I think anyone would feel comfortable and happy in her class. I had never tried Zumba before, but I was impressed. The people in class today ranged from preteen to late 50s, but I could see anyone fitting in. I think it would be fun with a friend, but you don’t need one. It’s a welcoming and supportive group. Everyone was focused, but no one took themselves too seriously. Zumba has a real place in the fitness world. Zumba is a low-impact cardio, you just need a desire and basic mobility. Everything will grow from there: flexibility, coordination, rhythm, body awareness, and mind-body connection.”

– Monica S.

“First time with Alexa and it was such a fun experience. Great environment and awesome class with her. We all have fun.”

– Marilyn O.

“Alexa was an amazing teacher, highly recommend!”

– Nick S.

“Had the opportunity to go for one Zumba class and had a blast. The class had me wishing I still lived in WH, but definitely will make it when I’m in the area. I will definitely be back for another Zumba sesh.”

– Mirian G.

“Such a fun class! Alexa was great and gave clear directions for each routine. I love how energetic she was and kept it going for the entire class, you can tell she really enjoys teaching zumba. I would recommend this class!”

– ClassPass user