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Aliyah McCall

POUND & Turn Up Instructor

I want to help others start learning how to love themselves, start putting themselves first, and realize it’s ok to put their health first because that’s what matters the most. I want to help them realize that it’s a tough and long journey to whatever fitness goals they have, but they can achieve it.

I have been a POUND trainer for a year now and recently became a Turn Up Dance Fitness Instructor. I started teaching because POUND changed my life when I was a student. Before I started working out and taking POUND, I was going through life, but I was not living. I was at my heaviest weight and my health was starting to spiral. POUND gave me a chance at living, it gave me a voice, and it helped me become more confident.

I started teaching Turn Up Dance Fitness because I love dancing. My whole life all I wanted to do was dance. I love that you can express yourself through the movements and let yourself be free — no cares in the world. Now I get to dance and help people.


“Aliyah is an amazing, energetic instructor. I love her workouts and music choices.”

– Randi L.

“This class is so much fun. You don’t need any workout or dancing experience and everyone makes you feel super welcomed. The instructor is very friendly and hypes you up and I always leave in a great mood.”

– ClassPass user

“Aliyah was an awesome instructor, high energy and a ton of fun all around.”

– Nicole H.

“Great instructor she has such positive energy. Beginner friendly. I enjoyed my first time!”

– ClassPass user

“It was an amazing experience! Aliyah is an awesome instructor and she made the class so fun and energetic! It almost made me forget I was actually working out and not just dancing with a group of friends lol. 10/10!!”

– Jemel M.

Aliyah’s POUND class was so much fun!! Great energy, full body workout. I can’t wait to go back again!”

– Amy F.

“Aliyah is the BEST!! I didn’t expect to have any fun working out but that was a blast 💫Wish I lived closer so I could go back more often – but truly had so much fun. Go if you’re into great music picks (think hot girl energy) and sweating, and not afraid to let loose 💯 Can’t recommend it more!!”

– ClassPass user

“Great workout. Fun music. Nice group of people.”

– Kim H.

“Aliyah is an amazing instructor! She has a gift for making the class fun for everyone in the room. I found myself smiling through the whole hour and having a blast.”

– ClassPass user

“Had my first Turn Up class tonight with Aliyah and it was great! The songs and choreography were so fun and it was a fantastic workout!!! I’ll definitely be back!”

– Lauren M.