Delany Smith

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I like to include flexibility and mobility exercises in my endurance and strength training workout routines because I believe everyone can benefit from it.  My number one goal is to motivate my clients, help them get the best results and become their best selves!

I started my fitness journey my junior year of high school. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to pass on my knowledge and help others reach their fitness goals.  In my last years of high school, I had a lot going on and I had no idea how to solve any of my issues. I’ve tried joining book clubs or trying out for plays, but none of that seemed to ease my stress. I realized that the only times I felt at ease, was when I was active. Anytime I would get up and run, or have to condition for cheer practice, I felt happier and everything I worried about was gone. That’s when I knew that exercise can help your mental health tremendously. 

I specialize in strength, endurance, and flexibility training as I have a special relationship with each category. Strength training is definitely my favorite because it helps you become stronger, lowers risk of injury, and promotes great mobility. Endurance training helps improve metabolism, gives you a better peace of mind, more energy, and better sleep. Flexibility training promotes better posture, reduces muscular tension, and enhances muscular relaxation.