Felice Jones

RYT-200 Yoga Instructor

I focus on creating flows that are accessible to everybody and on empowering my students to flow with their heart.

I have been practicing Yoga since college to help manage stress. After graduating from UConn, I began working and going to graduate school; the physical practice of Yoga became a great compliment to my cross training. 

As my Yoga journey progressed, I enjoyed learning more about the mind-body connection, breathing techniques, and developing a home practice. In 2020, I took the opportunity to get my yoga teacher training certification and make my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher, reality. 

My classes are for any level and age group. They are for people juggling their careers, homes, and personal lives and looking for a practice that can be a getaway. But also open to receiving techniques on managing stress and learning to listen to their mind-body connection, so that they know how to fix everyday aches and pains. For example, someone who sits at a desk all day and has back problems, will learn that because they’re likely at their desks with their shoulders rounded forward, a forward fold may feel good at the time, but it’s not actually going to stretch them out. Instead, a chest opener will likely give them the relief they need.