RYT-200 Yoga Instructor

My training style is definitely about challenging your body, your mind and your soul. I am constantly trying to push my students out of their comfort zone because that is where growth begins. The power of yoga is definitely having patience and trusting the process.

I was the kind of kid who wanted to be everything; that’s why I ended up studying theater. Acting in a Broadway show is one of my dreams; and the other one is traveling the world! In 2015, my life changed in a way I never thought. After practicing yoga for two years, one day, my teacher didn’t show up to class and he asked me to teach for him. That was the day the seed was planted. I started to do yoga more, study more about the larger practice, which styles I like, etc. 

In 2018, I traveled to Southeast Asia to find “the one” and came back knowing I was the one. I am still practicing online with my teacher and guru, Turkan Pasalioglu, who is one of the best instructors in Turkey. Oh and yes, I am from Istanbul, I moved to the States two months before the pandemic! 

I currently hold my RYT-200, Reformer and Mat Pilates, and Aerial Yoga certifications. I’m also a Level 1 Kundalini Reiki Healer and enjoy ending my classes with Reiki touch. I want to create a nurturing community for the people who want to be themselves.

My practice has allowed me to learn that I can be everything, everyone, and everywhere with meditation and yoga. That’s why I want to share what I know and heal the people I’ve never met otherwise.