Trainer’s Co-Op

Collective Membership For Trainers

Studio 310 operates as a co-op membership for trainers and instructors so they operate in a reputable space that promotes their growth along with the success of their clients. Whether you’re just beginning, have clients already but don’t have a set space for them to train, or need help promoting your services and handling appointment bookings.

Our Fitness Studio offers:

  • Personalized experience with client
  • No equipment costs
  • Easy to use scheduling system
  • No mortgage, long-term lease, or rent
  • No utility expenses
  • Customizable studio for each client session
  • Ability to grow your business at your own pace without fixed expenses

How the Co-op membership works

Everything from our values, rules and equipment are curated to meet the needs of the trainers and their clients, and this is possible because we have a membership model designed to receive feedback from the collective. 

Here’s how the co-op membership looks in action:

Studio 310 provides quality commercial fitness equipment for trainers to use with their clients, such as training benches, dumbbell sets, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines, balance trainers and resistance bands, aerobic steppers, and more. Additionally, we are willing to work with trainers and instructors to figure out their training programs and add exercise equipment as necessary if it works well for the collective members.

Three trainers or instructors are allowed in the studio at the same time, our scheduling system will allow for trainers to know how much space is available at any given moment.

Each instructor or trainer books a minimum of 5 sessions per week to keep their membership active. They are allowed a maximum of 10 sessions per week.

Our studio is divided into 4 zones: 3 1-on-1 zones and 1 Zumba or Yoga zone. Each zone has its own schedule and rate.

Zumba/Yoga area allows up to 12 clients plus 1 instructor. Strength and fitness training areas allow up to 2 clients and 1 instructor. This is subject to change depending on what is being scheduled each week.